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Sylvia Ganush


Unknown sickness
Ilenka Ganush (granddaughter

Sylvia Ganush (pronounced [ ɡænʊʃ ] sometimes [ ɡʌnjuːʃ ] IPASIMPLE) is the antagonist of the film Drag Me to Hell. She placed a curse on Christine Brown shortly before dying.

Loan extension Edit

Sylvia Bank
Sylvia is disappointed when Christine denies her extension.
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Sylvia had been receiving warnings of repossession of her house and what she calls "personal items" when she asked for yet another extension on a loan at the Willshire Pacific Bank from Christine Brown. Sylvia had been sick for a while and had a problem with one of her eyes. Sylvia's ailment was a reason Christine wanted to give her the extension, but her boss hinted making tough decisions would give her the advantage in a promotion. After Christine turned her down, Sylvia was preparing to leave but turned around and got on her knees, grabbed Christine's legs and begged for the extension. Perturbed, Christine stepped back after yelling at Sylvia to let go. After stepping back, Sylvia fell forward on the ground. She layed there as security came to escort her out of the building. After she got up, she said "I begged of you... and you shamed me..." insulted, she began to walk out but jumped back and tried to grab her neck. Security grabbed her and forced her out of the building. Christine watched as she sickly entered her car. Christine's boss was pleased how Christine handled the situation.

Battle with Christine Brown Edit

Further information: Christine Brown#Attack
Sylvia Ruler
Sylvia is stabbed in the throat with a ruler
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Angered by the outcome, Sylvia waited in Christine's car until she came. She then began to attack her.

Curse Edit

After the battle in the car with Christine Brown, Sylvia managed to pull her out of the car, tear off a button and curse it, therefore, cursing her. After cursing her, she said to Christine "Soon it will be you, who comes begging to me", then gives her button.

Death Edit

Christine Grave
Christine in Sylvia's grave
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Shortly after the curse, Sylvia died. Christine had learned from a fortune teller that whoever owns the button will be sent to hell and that it can be given to the dead. Christine went to Sylvia's grave, dug up her casket and shoved the button in the envelope in her mouth. When Christine attempted to leave the grave, the flooding rain would wash her back down. As the water filled the grave, Sylvia's body float up and next to her, then, her grave's cross slid down and hit Christine in the head. But Christine was able to escape.

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