This is a list of pronunciations of names in the film Drag Me to Hell.

"Ganush" Edit

  • ɡænʊʃ ... Gan - ush
  • ɡænjuːʃ ... Gun - oosh
  • ɡənjuːʃ ... Gan - oosh
  • ɡænʌʃ ... Gah-n - ush

Throughout the film, the name "Sylvia Ganush" is spoken as the first pronunciation listed above, even by Sylvia herself. However, on occasion, the production crew pronounce the name as the second pronunciation. Director Sam Raimi uses both. Sylvia initially says her name is pronounced as the fourth option listed above.

"Rham Jas" Edit

  • rɑːm dʒɑːs ... Rah-m - jah-s

Only pronunciation in the film.

"Shaun San Dena" Edit

  • ʃɔːn sæn diːnʌ ... Shaw-n - san ("a" as in apple) - deen-uh

Only pronunciation in the film.

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